The Biggest Sequence of Promotion Events in 2019


The Biggest Sequence of Promotion Events in 2019

Preferential April – X3 Gifts – 2019 biggest promotion of REPLUS

Celebrating the series of Hung King’s Anniversary Event – 6-year-old birthday of REPLUS – Great ceremony April 30, 2019 – May 1, 2019, we bring to our customers the biggest promotion event in 2019.


🎁Virtual office: Free 6 months to use
🎁Fixed seating: Free 1 month to use
🎁Private Office: Discount immediately 50% of the first month
🎁 Register or convert business address with a price of  0 VND at Vincom branch
🎁 Free submission of i15 form and initial tax declaration worth VND 800,000
🎁Free voucher of 1,000,000VND for protecting the brand
*And there are too many other valuable parts

🌟 Conditions applies:

♠ Apply across the system with the listed price
♠ Virtual office contract from Ecom package up to 1 year term
♠ Fixed contract of 1 year 3-month deposit and quarterly payment
♠ Section 2 applies when using Section 1

🌟 Note:

Quickly call immediately because the program only takes place from the day 22/04/2019 to 15/05/2019

☎ Phone: 1900 2113
📞 Hotline: 0932 678 626
📧 Email:

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