Shared office services


Shared office services

Currently, with the speed of shared economy and the innovation trend of enterprises, the shared office model has been developing strongly. This is a practical, effective solution for business who wants to optimize costs.

What is a shared office? Price list for cheap shared office rental services in District 1 and Binh Thanh HCMC, with offices right away.

With the growth rate of the economy and the current start-up trend , the cheap shared office service model in Binh Thanh, District 1 is growing strongly because of its efficiency and great benefits. that it brings to young businesses. To fully understand the shared office service and decide whether to rent a shared office or not, please read through the following article immediately!

Shared office

Shared office

What is a shared office?

Shared office (or Shared Office) is a workspace rental model with full utilities included, serving all operating needs of the company like a real office, ensuring to meet the needs of customers. good for each user, besides, it also helps to share costs between businesses.

This great combination not only saves maximum costs but also helps your company optimize personnel, utilize available resources and resources, focus work and increase business efficiency up to Maximum levels. Any other problems that arise during the working process have been solved by a shared office service provider for you.

Is Ho Chi Minh City shared office rental service for you?

Shared office services are suitable for a variety of different customers. Desire to have an efficient, fully equipped workplace while still saving costs.

Customers who are extremely suitable for shared office services:

  • Small and medium enterprises, newly established or want to expand the market.

  • Consultant / Freelance business project team.

  • Individuals are preparing to establish a company.

  • A foreign company that needs to set up a representative office for market exploration in Vietnam needs a space just enough for a few employees to work.

  • Directors and employees do not work directly at their company due to frequent business trips or away from home or expanding markets from other provinces.

    Benefits of HCM shared office model

    Saving costs is a prerequisite for businesses to choose a cheap shared office model. You will not lose a large amount of money to rent a traditional office, invest in equipment, hire a receptionist and many other incurred costs and still have a very professional office.

    You will immediately have a prime and beautiful address in the city center to make exchanges and transactions easy and reach many potential customers.

    • Your business name will be placed elegantly in the building and displayed on the electronic board in front of the front desk to help customers easily recognize and trust.

    • When your customers come to the office, they will be guided and enthusiastically helped by a very nice, well-trained, fluent in 3 foreign languages.

    • There is a large, luxurious living area, with a beautiful view from above creating a polite and professional space.

    • Free use of all standard equipment and facilities of a Grade A office.

    • With the perfect benefits that we provide, it will help you reduce time and effort in many stages of business operations, thereby focusing resources on key business activities.

    Office sharing service will maximize the benefits of saving budget when used with virtual office service.


    Should you rent a shared office or a traditional office?

    In general, whether it is a traditional office or a cheap shared office, it also has its own benefits. However, to know whether to choose to rent a shared or traditional office. Enterprises need to consider based on the current context and general situation of the company.

    A traditional office will provide you with a highly professional working space, designed to suit your business preferences, etc. However, with high costs, not all businesses have it. You can choose from a traditional office. Especially small and medium enterprises or young startups.

    If you are a small and medium-sized business or a new startup, with low economic potential, working in project teams, and love the freedom and dynamism, a cheap shared office is the first choice. for you. On the contrary, if your business is a large company, and wants a special, private and highly owned workspace, then a traditional office is exactly for you.

    According to statistics of office rental trends in recent years, the shared office model is increasingly favored by new businesses. Because besides the office sharing service, the coworking space providers also come with AZ support services for the comprehensive development of the business such as: virtual office service, coworking space , office package, business establishment, meeting room rental, accounting … maximize benefits for customers. This is also the point that contributes to making this service so attractive.

      Cheap shared office service at Replus

      Replus provides shared office rental services in Ho Chi Minh City at 4 strategic strategic locations:

      Grade A Building Pearl Plaza 561A Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District

      With high-class Trane central air-conditioning system, CCTV system – Analogue Camera ensures 24/7 security, 10 high-speed Schneider elevators are not afraid of being late for work. Owning 2 street fronts: Dien Bien Phu and D1 street, Pearl Plaza is located just 500m from Van Thanh tourist area and Tan Cang metro station.

      Shared office

      Shared office

      Grade A building Vincom Center 72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1

      Facing the three main streets of Dong Khoi – Le Thanh Ton – Ly Tu Trong, it is convenient to move throughout the city. Around the building are big banks such as Vietcombank, MB, Eximbank, HSBC… Only 230m from HCMC People’s Committee, 400m from Notre Dame Cathedral, 700m from Bach Dang Park.


      O8 Building, Van Phuc Urban Area, Thu Duc District

      With 3 sides of the clear green Saigon River surrounding you, you will be immersed in the natural space, increase your excitement to work, and promote your creativity. Ensure the success and development of the business.

      C10 Rio Vista 72 Duong Dinh Hoi District 9

      Quick connection in less than 15 minutes with the center of Ho Chi Minh City by super advanced transport infrastructure system. Modern, luxurious and private co-working space. Especially the price cannot be more attractive for shared office services.

      When you use the shared office service at Replus, you will enjoy all standard office facilities and equipment such as: reception, customer management system, business registration address, living room, meeting room for rent… this is a solid foundation for the success of your business.

      Shared office

      Shared office

      Moreover, we are always flexible to want you to work most comfortably and conveniently. Therefore, Replus UNLIMITED:

      • Time to use the living room to receive guests.

      • Number of times of using printers, copiers, scanners…

      • Completely free high-speed wifi internet for all your connected devices.

      • Drinking water, electricity.

        When used with virtual office services, the shared office will be able to promote 100% of its power.

        Through the above article, you have partly grasped the great advantages of the shared office rental service. Replus is very pleased to support and develop together with your business. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for a free consultation from A to Z!

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