Replus office

68 Nguyen Hue

Address at 86 Nguyen Hue District 1, Ho Chi Minh City is a special location to help all businesses here affirm the position, access to major customers, sustainable development.

Virtual office Replus

Main door facing the front desk help you most convenient Exchange and with the professional service of Replus affirmed customer trust.

Replus receptionist

The friendly, professional working attitude quickly as compulsory elements for the receptionist. Your customers are also our customers.

Living room Replus

The living room has a panoramic view of the panoramic pedestrian Nguyen Hue street, the exchange helped customers become comfortable and easy success.

living room Replus

The living room has a dominant white brings the feel of simple, clean, pure and honest help every conversation becomes lucid.

living room

Separate sitting room with help of your talk and become clients relax and not bother anyone.

Deputy director of Replus

Modern meeting rooms, luxury, courtesy ensure optimal usability, aesthetic properties of light and harmony.

Replus receptionist

Fixed seats will be where you work comfortably and freely. Helps focus and increase work efficiency.

Corner working at Replus

With the neutrality and high sense of responsibility, all your problems will be solved most efficiently.

Private office

Private office with full equipment and facilities available. Optimize cost and performance.

Luxury meeting room

Luxury meeting rooms design and modern. The beauty in modern furniture has been streamlining, leaving only the dominant curve on the desk, on the couch. Step into this meeting room, users feel pleasant, soothing and especially comfortable.

Luxury meeting rooms

Fully equipped with equipment to meet the best conditions.

Replus meeting room

The users can easily observe and discuss their work more convenient.

working process is quick

The working process is quick, clear and confirms the belief from clients.

Collective Replus

Our professionalism is always expressed in a sense of discipline, knowledge work, positive attitude, openness in communication, teamwork and always upgraded.

Collective Replus

With all the services and facilities above, Replus confident welcomed customers with enthusiasm with the highest quality of service.

Please contact Replus to be visiting the office and free advice!