Establish foreign company Service


Establish foreign company Service

In recent years, Vietnam has made an economic shift. In particular, the quantity of foreign investors investing directly in our country is growing sharply. However, they encounter challenges like not having a comprehensive understanding about dossiers, enterprise establishment procedures with foreign elements.

For the sake of assisting enterprise in term of time, cost, and law-abiding drafting documents. Below are specific guidelines about the implementation process, compulsory dossiers and procedures to prepare when establishing a foreign company in Vietnam.

Establishing foreign company

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Forms of companies establishment with foreign elements in Vietnam

Registration for granting Investment Certificate

  • Step 1: Register for an Investment Certificate by proving, confirming that the account balance is greater than or equal to the investment of investor.

  • Step 2: After obtaining the Investment Certificate of the company, continue carrying out the registration procedures of Enterprise Registration Certificate and seal.

​The results obtained are the top certificate and the business registration certificate and seal.

Register capital contribution, shares purchase from Vietnamese companies

  • Step 1: Proceduring for foreign shareholders to repurchase or contributing more capital to Vietnamese companies.

  • Step 2: Change the Business Registration Certificate of the Vietnamese companies. Note that with this method, investor does not require to prove his/her contributed capital, meaning that it is not necessary to confirm the balance in the bank account.

The results received a notification about the eligibility of foreign investor to contribute capital, purchase shares, contributed capital to an economic organization, Enterprise Registration Certificate and seal.




What need to be prepared when establishing foreign-invested companies in Vietnam?

  • Registration of investment certificate

For individual foreign investors:

  • Provide copy, 2 notarized duplications in Vietnam for individual passport

  • 1 confirmation about the bank account balance of individual with the proposed investment in Vietnam is consular legalized

  • 1 office lease agreement

For organizational foreign investors:

  • Duplication of legalized business license of foreign organization for institutional investors

  • Certified 2 duplications in Vietnam Individual passport be representative for the establishment management company in Vietnam

  • A confirmation about bank account balance of investor with the proposed investment capital in Vietnam is consular legalized

  • 1 office lease agreement

  • Register to contribute capital, repurchase shares of the company in Vietnam

For organizational foreign investors:

  • Providing a copy of the consular legalized business license to the investor

  • Certified 2 duplications in Vietnam Individual passport be representative for the company to contribute capital in Vietnam

  • Office lease agreement

For foreign investors being individuals:

  • Notarized 2 duplications in Vietnam for investor passport

  • Authorization document for execution procedures (in case legal representative does not directly execute the procedure)

  • Office lease agreement




Service of establishing foreign business at Replus

Currently, many owning foreign investors encounter many challenges when establishing a company in Vietnam. In order to minimize expenses, procedures, and documents then one of the practical solutions nowadays is to use the service of establishing foreign business at Replus.

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Here, investors are consulted by experienced legal staff, specific instructions on the implementation process, the preparation file with 7 steps below:

  • Step 1: Receive establishment information of foreign companies in Vietnam, directly consult customers in the office or via E-mail, phone, Zalo

  • Step 2: Legal experts exchange all costs and procedures for registering a business establishment with 100% foreign capital so that customers can grasp from the beginning

  • Step 3: Complete all records according to customers information provided and their suggestions based on the regulation basis

  • Step 4: The staff will send profile to customers for reviewing and signing the records directly

  • Step 5: Completing performance tasks about the prescribed procedures on behalf of customers

  • Step 6: The license and seal will be handed over to customers

  • Step 7: Continue to assist consultancy services on tax procedures for businesses if they needed like: accounting, renting services, VAT invoices …

Legal procedures completed quickly, enthusiastic counselors, cost savings. Quickly pick up the phone and contact us immediately for most enthusiastic support.

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