Virtual office services


Virtual office services

What is virtual Office service?

Virtual Office also known as “office 0m2” with services provided include: location of businesses, trading address of businesses, telephone number, fax number, website, e-mail, conference rooms, projectors , receptionist, company signboards, tax reporting accountants. When mastering a virtual office, tenants can work anywhere though not go to the company. Employees of the rental unit shall personally phone, then transfer the information to businesses hire.

Virtual office services

Virtual office services


Virtual offices fit many units, from small businesses with the numbers of employees to the large offices need representative offices.

Individuals, consultants or project teams are preparing or just starting a business.

Managers of small and medium enterprises want to expand their branches or have more representative offices in the city center.

Especially suitable for foreign companies operating during market exploration.

Utilities that virtual office that provides:

  • Address to negotiate  and  register business licenses in downtown area.
  • A telephone lines with voice mail and a fax number 24/24h facilitate all transactions.
  • A modern office, fully equipped with appliances: air conditioning, photocopier, scanner, fax, telephone,….
  • Common seating areas , larger, luxury, friendly =>  polite, professional (free beverages: tea, coffee, assorted magazines, ..)
  • Reception area includes the receptionists are trained and proficient in foreign languages.
  • Meeting room (projector, large meeting rooms, … and you do not need to invest in designing, building, and set up – all you need each month is pay for exactly what you use.

5 Virtual Office package prices to choose from, depending on intended use:

Services Save 295.000 (~$13) Ecom 595.000 (~$27) Standard 1.350.000 (~$60) Plus 1.988.000 (~$88) RePlus 2.388.000 (~$106)
Services provided
Address to negotiate and register business licenses
Company’s name on the electronic board
Address to receive courier/postal
Common seating areas
Wifi internet
Lavie water bottle for free
Company’s name board appears at RePlus office entrance.
Using general fax number (FW to email).
Some famous magazines for businessman: Forbes, DNSG,
Supporting procedures for business registration.( 1.300.000 vnd )
SMS Brandname 800đ/sms 800đ/sms 800đ/sms 800đ/sms
Free using meeting room 5hrs/ month* 8hrs/ month 12hrs/ month 16hrs/ month
Call center receives & answers phone call in allowed range
Free set up 01 privatephone number and transfers to mobifone (Viettel)
International doman names (*.com; *.net; *.org) Hosting email , Mail Cloud
Free printed sheets (sheets printed in a month) 30 50 100
Set up Internal switchboard and transfer to mobifone 5 Ext 10 Ext
Using office equipments at RePlus office. (phototopy, scan)
Free for tea, coffee
Transaction infomation management systems.
Set up private fax number and forward to email
Place for temporary seat (01 place), equipped a Computer 16 sessions/year 28 sessions/year
Free electronic signature + Token key & Supporting Accouting software of MISA for 1 year

Besides Replus virtual office offers the following services

We respect people than all, wish to welcome you at our office.

Hotline: +848 62883088+84932 678 626

Address: 68 Nguyen Hue street, Ben  Nghe ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam.

Email    :

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